Instamojo Payment Gateway Integration Tutorial in PHP

Instamojo is an best online payment gateway,which allow user’s to Send, Receive Payments through many online options like net banking, Credit-Card, Debit Card etc. Instamojo very flexible to send and receive payments online.It is well secured and trusted payment gateway in india.

Instamojo provides free payment gateway plugins for WordPress,Opencart,Magento,Drupal,PrestaShop etc..
For signup only PAN card and Indian Bank account need and you can start with in 10 minutes.Receive money with in 3 days in your bank account.and there is No setup fee.
You Can receive payment only from india and we hope soon all over the world.
Instamojo Payment Gateway Intergration Tutorial in PHP – Full Integration
Step 1:
Sign Up with here
Step 2:
After you set up an account with Instamojo, you will get an Api-Key, Auth-Token and Salt.
Click API & Setting menu and Api-Key, Auth-Token and Salt
Instamojo Payment Gateway Intergration Tutorial in PHP
Instamojo Payment Gateway Intergration Tutorial in PHP
Step 3:
Create form with below field
    amount – The amount to be paid by the customer.
    phone – Phone number of the customer.
    buyer_name – Customer name.
    purpose – Purpose of the payment.
    email – Email address of the customer.
Submit form to pay.php
Step 4:
Include plugin folder src in Pay.php Dowload Plugin
Create new file Pay.php
Step 5:
Once got payment success it gets redirected to thank you page (redirect_url).
Step 6:
You can verify the payment status through webhook in Thankyou.php
To print response from

All the instruction will be available in

Thanks for reading. Happy Coding.


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