Get current URL with jQuery

Below tutorial explains,how to get the current URL of the page in JavaScript or JQUERY. The current URL represents a full page URL. We can also get current domain, hostname, pathname, protocol, port, hash and other components of the full page URL. You can also redirect the current page URL to other addresses with the

How to enable profiler in codeigniter application and how to set multiple benchmark

Below tutorial shows on how to profiling Codeigniter application. Codeigniter’s Profiler class gives the benchmark results, queries you have run and POST data and total time to execute the method etc..By using this information may used for debugging and optimization of your codeigniter application. Enabling ProfilerAdd below lines in specific controller: To disable the profiler

Convert Hex Color to RGB in PHP

This tutorial will explain how to convert color code from HEX to RGB in PHP Uses: Use  hex2rgb() function like the following. Tags: Convert hex color to RGB values in PHP,Convert HEX to RGB,Convert Hex Color to RGB using PHP,PHP Function To Convert Hex To RGB,How to convert Hex code to RGB code in php,Convert HEX

How to change array keys from uppercase to lowercase in php

In this tutorial we are going to see, how to change array keys from uppercase to lowercase. array_change_key_case() predefined php function will be used to changes all keys in array to lowercase or uppercase. Method Syntax : array_change_key_case(array,case); First Parameter : arraySecond parameter : It is optional,you can pass either CASE_LOWER or CASE_UPPER and default value is “CASE_LOWER”. Example

How to Expand Short URLs To Original URL In PHP

In this tutorial we are going to see “How to convert short URLs back to its original URL without click or redirect?” Many scenarios we don’t want to open, so using below solution, where you can get original URL behind the short link without opening that page and doing this with PHP cURL and preg_replace methods. Code: Happy Coding..

How to rename file on upload in codeigniter

In this tutorial we are going to see how to change file name on upload in codeigniter. Step 1. Create controller for “Rename a file while uploading in codeigniter” Use below in your own controller. Tags: Codeigniter Rename file on upload, Renaming an uploaded file in CodeIgniter ,codeigniter get filename before upload, edit uploaded file